Home » 年間スケジュール – Calendar –

年間スケジュール – Calendar –


年間スケジュール – Calendar

ケービンズ英会話スクール – 高ヶ坂、町田

年間スケジュール – Calendar



Kevin can teach you here:


Monday:  in Shinyurigaoka

Tuesday:   in Hadano, Machida, or Shinyurigaoka

Wednesday:   in Minamiashigarashi -Odawara

Thursday:  in Shinyurigaoka

Friday: in Hadano, Machida or Shinyurigaoka

Saturday: in Shinyurigaoka

Sundays: in Minamiashigarashi – Odawara



To Kevin`s Hakone Guest Houses

To I am Hakone

To How to teach English in Japan


KES Holidays are generally two weeks off around Christmas and New Years, and two weeks off during Obon. All national holidays are holidays.



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